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PM Modi breaks silence, assures stringent punishment for guilty with ‘full might of law

The incident took place in early May and although it was registered with the police soon afterwards, it was not until Thursday that four arrests were made, a day after the video went viral. One of the victims has alleged the police left the women in the hands of the mob.

Speaking at the opening session of parliament on Thursday morning, Modi made his first comments about the conflict being fought between the Meitei and the Kuki tribes, and stated that “the entire country has been shamed” by the attack on the women.

Stop the violence immediately: Rahul Gandh

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi hit out at PM Modi after the video surfaced over social media.

Mr. Gandhi tweeted, “Prime Minister, the issue is not that it’s a shame for the country. The issue is the immense pain and trauma inflicted on the women of Manipur. Stop the violence immediately.”

JULY 20, 2023 20:09

Manipur mastermind arrested; thorough investigation underway
The main culprit holding the woman in the video was arrested today morning.Police had issued a statement on Wednesday saying a case of abduction, gang rape and murder has been registered at Nongpok Sekmai police station in Thoubal district against unknown armed miscreants and that all-out efforts were on to arrest the culprits at the earliest

Manipur video: CPI MP writes to PM, says time for him to ‘come out of hibernation

Binoy Viswam, a member of parliament for the Communist Party of India, criticized the government over the Manipur video that showed two women being paraded in nude. He claimed that it is time for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to emerge from “hibernation” and bring peace to the state that has been ripped apart. Mr. Viswam claimed in a letter to Modi that the occurrence is a disgrace to the entire nation.

When you are excitedly awaiting to preside over the G-20 Summit, it will only bring humiliation to our nation. It is not feasible to exonerate the government from being accountable for this heinous crime. Mr. Viswam stated, “I implore you to emerge from your slumber on the Manipur problem and take suitable measures to instill faith and confidence in the people of the border state.

He said the video showing the two naked women being paraded by armed assailants in the state completely “exposes the absence of any semblance of law-and-order, respect for women or presence of government authority”.

The video is months old but people who committed this heinous crime are roaming freely exposing the failure of the government. Your deafening silence on the Manipur issue has emboldened such unlawful elements who are ruling the roosts in Manipur under the so-called double-engine government of the BJP.”

Because of your government’s excruciating inactivity on the Manipur situation, first the opposition and now the Supreme Court were forced to take action, he wrote in his letter to the PM.

“Your government has not showed any compassion for the anguish and tears of the Manipuri people. Without any security or assistance in sight, they are left at the mercy of enraged mobs from the community.

Respected Prime Minister, merely shouting slogans won’t make the insult, shame, and suffering that the Manipur images caused to the nation’s women. The shame that the video has brought upon the entire nation will not be easily erased.

Barbaric deed: the Mamata on Manipur event

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday condemned the incident of women being paraded naked in Manipur and described it as an “act of barbarism”.

She also said the country must stand united in condemning such inhumane actions by miscreants and bring justice to the victims.

“Heartbroken and outraged to witness the horrific video from Manipur showing the brutal treatment of two women by a frenzied mob. No words can express the pain and anguish of witnessing the violence inflicted on marginalised women. This act of barbarism is beyond comprehension and humanity.”

“We must stand united in condemning such inhumane actions by the miscreants & bring justice to the victims,” Ms. Banerjee said 

PM Modi’s silence is an indication of a weak leader: Kevin Johnson

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the video of two women being paraded naked in Manipur has shaken the conscience of the nation, and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take strict action to restore peace in the state.

“It is frequently observed that PM Modi is silent on similar incidents. It is a symptom of a feeble leader. A bold leader emerges in the front. They don’t usually lock themselves in a room. The AAP chief stated that Se has been silent (about the matter).

“The viral video shook the nation’s sense of morality. The fact that there has been violence in the state for more than two months without the administration taking any action is illegal and incredibly disheartening. I must declare that the Manipur (government) and the Centre are to blame for this, and I do so with the utmost anguish,” he said.

Additionally, Mr. Kejriwal criticized the state administration for the incident. “Since the video gained popularity, only one individual has been detained. The accused’s faces are clearly seen. This demonstrates the criminal conspiracy, negligence, and complicity of the government, he claimed.

N. Biren Singh responded, “For me, the first priority is to restore peace in the state in any way possible,” when asked about the rising calls for his resignation. Since it’s such a delicate subject, I don’t want to get into politics about it. The prime minister must accept responsibility by stepping forward. There must be strict measures adopted.

Government prepared for Manipur discussion, but opposition “running away,” according to Piyush Goyal

The government was ready for a discussion on the Manipur issue but the opposition disrupted proceedings, making it clear that it has made up its mind to not let Parliament function, Union Minister Piyush Goyal alleged on Thursday.

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha proceedings were adjourned for the day on the first day of the Monsoon session, amid slogan shouting and demands for a discussion on the situation in strife-hit Manipur.

Even outside Parliament, opposition parties, including the Congress, the Aam Aadmi Party and the Samajwadi Party, have slammed the BJP government at the Centre over the ethnic violence in Manipur and a May 4 video of two women being paraded naked in the northeastern state.

On disruption of proceedings, Mr. Goyal, who is the Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha, told reporters in Parliament complex, that opposition parties are “running away” from a discussion on Manipur as they feel that incidents of “misbehavior” with women in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan may also come up.

“The Congress and the rest of the opposition parties disrupted the House proceedings even though the government made it clear that it is ready for discussion. It became clear from the attitude of the opposition that they came, making up their mind, that they will not allow the House to function,” Mr. Goyal told reporters.

“Perhaps there is something wrong in their heart. They are worried because there were incidents of violence (during panchayat polls) in Bengal and also there are unfortunate situations in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan,” the BJP leader said.

While the Trinamool Congress is in power in West Bengal, the Congress has its governments in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, both of which go to assembly polls later this year. “Misbehaviour with women is happening in Congress-ruled states. Perhaps, they are running away from a discussion due to this,”

PM compelled to speak after video went viral, AIMIM’s Owaisi on Manipur assault case

All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief and Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was compelled to speak on the incident where two women were paraded naked in Manipur only after a video of the episode went viral and triggered public outrage.

The AIMIM MP has urged the Prime Minister to order a CBI investigation into the incident.

Politics of ‘vote’ of BJP responsible for situation in Manipur: Akhilesh Yadav

Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav alleged that the politics of “vote” of the BJP is responsible for the situation in Manipur. He also attacked the ruling party at the Centre over a May 4 video showing two women being paraded naked in the northeastern State’s Senapati district.

“The politics of hate of the RSS and the politics of vote of the BJP are responsible for the situation in Manipur,” Akhilesh Yadav, a member of the newly formed Opposition alliance INDIA

PM forced to address the nation following viral video featuring AIMIM’s Owaisi on Manipur assault case

All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief and Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was compelled to speak on the incident where two women were paraded naked in Manipur only after a video of the episode went viral and triggered public outrage.

The AIMIM MP has urged the Prime Minister to order a CBI investigation into the incident.

PM Modi is urged by Sonia Gandhi to address the Manipur situation in Parliament.

According to Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, the party’s leader in the Lok Sabha, Sonia Gandhi, the head of the Congress Parliamentary Party, encouraged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring up the Manipur situation in the House.

On the first day of the Monsoon Session, Ms. Gandhi made the demand during a brief exchange with the Prime Minister in the Lok Sabha. Mr. Modi made a circuit to visit several heads of state just before the House convened for the day. On the first day of the Parliament session, leaders traditionally shake hands.

Mr. Modi spoke briefly with Ms. Gandhi as he approached the opposition leaders’ seat.

I spoke with the chief minister of Manipur and promised strong action: Smriti Irani appears in a video with two naked women.

Smriti Irani, the minister for women’s and children’s affairs in the Union, has claimed that she spoke with N. Biren Singh, the chief minister of Manipur, over the May 4 video that showed two women being paraded in the State’s public naked.
She described the event as “condemnable and blatantly inhuman.”

The Union Minister condemned and called the horrifying video of two women being sexually assaulted in Manipur “downright inhuman” in a tweet on Thursday night. I spoke with CM N Biren Singh ji, who confirmed that an inquiry is ongoing and that all efforts will be made to bring those responsible to justice. After a May 4 video depicting two ladies from one of the warring parties appeared online on Wednesday, tension increased in the hills of Manipur.

India video shows how rape is weaponised in conflict

om the Meitei eDY Chandrachud, Chief Justice of India, stated that the Supreme Court was “deeply disturbed over the video” and voiced worry over the assault. The chief judge warned that “we will take action if you don’t” and ordered the government to inform the court of the actions being taken against the accused.

Manipur, a beautiful Indian state bordering Myanmar, has been torn apart by deadly violence for more than two months. Conflicts between members of the Kuki ethnic tribes and the Meitei majority have resulted in their total segregation. 60,000 people have been evacuated, and at least 130 individuals have died.The two Kuki ladies were attacked by males frthnic group.

A video showing two women being paraded naked by a mob in the north-eastern state of Manipur, hit by violent ethnic clashes, has sparked outrage in India.

The police say they have opened a case of gang rape and arrested a man, adding that others will be held soon.

On Thursday, parliament’s session in Delhi was disrupted as lawmakers demanded a debate on the issue.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said the incident had “shamed India” and that “no guilty will be spared”.

“I assure the nation, the law will take its course with all its might. What happened with the daughters of Manipur can never be forgiven,” he said, finally breaking his silence on Manipur more than two months after violence erupted.

Women’s bodies are now being used as a battlefield.

It is common knowledge that during riots and battles, women’s bodies frequently serve as battlefields, and that rape and sexual assault are frequently used as weapons of violence to punish them.

The most recent instance is the sexual assault committed against Kuki women in Manipur. It’s unsettling to view the video of the women pleading for their attackers to have mercy while crying and writhing in pain.

More than two months after the incident was reported to police, the first arrest has only just been made. This lack of confidence in the authorities is made worse by the fact that many of the guys are easily recognized on the video.

But the outrage that followed the video’s emergence in India has put the spotlight on the horrific crime. It has also raised questions about the failure of the state in comforting the survivors – and finally forced Mr Modi to make a statement on the ethnic violence that is tearing Manipur apart.

To restore some sort of confidence in Manipur, especially among the minority Kuki community, the authorities are now under pressure to act swiftly against the perpetrators and bring justice to the women. People across the country feel this should not be happening in modern India.

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